Cliff Hanger

After our little stroll

We sat on a bench nearby

And then talked for a little while


Winter’s breeze passed us by

I knew the time was running out

My feelings I have to say out loud


All the things I meant to say

I poured them out

All along your way


You held me in your embrace

And a little longer

I wish we’ve stayed


It was too much to think about

I know that full well

I left you with no words to say


Yes, I will give you time

I will wait till you need

But what should I make of us?


There was this moment

I realized it was you,

it’s you I want to be with

it’s you I saw my life with.


It was so perfect as I see

a future with you and me.

Growing old with you

like it was always meant to be.


These are all what-could-be’s

and just a bunch of maybe’s

I’ve also thought of what-if-not’s,

if we ever draw the line in friendship.


If we aren’t meant to be — and

only as friends we’ll ever be

I know I’ll be okay, because

God has a plan for me.


Imperfect Child


I’m not a perfect child

Your dreams I can’t achieve

I am child with flaws

that I do admit


Have you ever tried

To see what makes me smile?

Have you ever cared

About things that make me cry?


I try to understand

But sometimes it’s too much

What goes on your mind

I don’t believe in such


You try to take away

What matters to my heart

You don’t give me a say

Now it makes us fall apart


I’ve done quite a few

And thought you would be proud

As I try to talk to you

You start to bring me down


I still try to live up to you

But nothing ever seems enough

I chose a path I want to live

And that’s not up to you.


A question always lingers

somewhere in my mind,

were you ever proud of me,

will you ever be?

Random Text

I've always wanted for you to text me first, I waited. Hours, days and months had passed, there was nothing, not a hey nor hello. Right when I lost hope, I get a random text and saw an "unfamiliar" familiar name. The name that I have longed for, the one I least expect. It was nothing special, but to me a hint of hope. And to you it might have meant nothing, to me it meant the world.

It Must Be You

I can’t remember

a time I laughed

so hard, I almost cried.


I can’t remember

a time I stared

so long, dust caught in my eye.


I can’t remember

a time I dreamed

awake, and time flew by.


I can’t remember

a time I missed

someone so much, I wondered why?


I can’t remember

a time I loved

so hard, heart smiled as well as cry.


And I can’t remember

a time, you ever left my mind

no matter how much I tried.