Get to know ME.


       I am 23 year-old, born in the Philippines, currently residing in a decent home in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I moved to Canada on September 2011 with the rest of my family. I have a sister that is a year and a half younger. I finished high school in St. Albert Catholic High, and I just graduated from the Practical Nursing program @ Norquest College.

Now let’s really get into describing ME. haha! First of all, I find it hard to define who I really am, I think I’m still in the process of figuring that out. That’s one of the reasons why I started blogging, I think it makes it easier to figure out who you are when you put your thoughts into writing.

 Here we go, I think the best way or the best word to describe me would be “creative“. I do a lot of things that requires creativity, I’m a huge fan of art, I sketch, I paint and sometimes do mixed media(they can be tricky sometimes, so I do it when I’m willing to take a lot of risks!). I also do digital art but I like hands-on better. I love photography, I enjoy taking candid photos the most because that’s when you capture “true feelings and emotions“, I love the idea that you can freeze that moment and look back to it when you feel like reminiscing! I’m also a little bit of a fashionista, I can be a little boyish or girlish, it really depends what the event calls for, but I do love dressing up in really fancy dresses and shoes! Because I feel like a real adult when I look fancy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading, mostly YA novels because I’m very hopeless romantic(haha), I’m also really into books that talks about Christianity and lastly I love poetry. I’ve been writing poems/songs for about a year now, I’m not too sure if I do well on it, but they will be up on this blog so I guess we’ll find out! One of my goals is to be able to publish a poetry book someday. I also play quite a few instruments, the ukulele, guitar and the piano. I spend a little bit of time practicing each one of them, and it also depends on my mood! When I feel happy I usually play the uke and piano or guitar and when I’m feeling kinda blue. I’m also a singer, well not a professional one (hopefully one day!), I used to be part of a choir and I used to sing in my high school. I used to dance too! Join competitions and stuff but now I only use it for working out. I have stage fright but they seem to go away once I start performing!

Now you know a little bit about me! I hope you enjoy reading my blog! I’m in no way shape or form a professional blogger or writer at all. I always get deductions on grammar in my essays so bear with me. It’s still readable but if you are a grammar nazi then I’m sorry, haha! Purely doing it for my own entertainment and stress relief. I hope to make this blog is worth reading for the publics eyes if not for my friends at least.