Doris Baby Bump

I got the opportunity to do a maternity shoot for one of my friends friend this past weekend. I’m posting a few that I have edited.   Here is Doris in her white chiffon top with striped pants. Baby bump! Doris and her partner. showing off the baby bump! Some seated shots.   Some pictures…

Taste of Edmonton 2016

What a beautiful and sunny day for this event! (jk, in my opinion it was way too hot outside. ugh) It’s still a beautiful day though! For people who don’t know, taste of edmonton is an annual event that takes place at Churchill Edmonton. It is an event where food places around edmonton are all…


One of the best things in life ❤️       (Taken with an iPhone 6)


Here are a few photos from a shoot I did for a friend! (Rebecca Klotz) (Emily) (Rebecca Klotz) (Rebecca Klotz) (Emily) (Rebecca Klotz) (Emily) (Rebecca Klotz) (Rebecca Klotz) (Rebecca Klotz & Emily)


Just to get this blog started and running, I’ll share some of my favourite photos I took ever since I learned taking photos! Let’s take a moment and appreciate black and white photos! I think black and white photos give deeper meanings coloured photos can’t give. I feel like they convey emotions in a much…