a kind heart

on your days you walk with sunlight radiating joy, always behind those smiles a heart that’s breaking joy fading in the haze i know you your heart’s in pain you don’t even have to tell i saw tears in your eyes i saw sorrow in your face and my heart nearly fell how could a…

almost but not

there’s nothing
I can do, except to learn
a skill I can barely grasp,
the skill of unloving you.

out of love

I know you think it’s for the best that what you do would ensue success don’t you know your words hurt me him and her and even that stranger this has been happening for far too long, the anger, the sadness they’ve gone too strong have you not realized all the dreams you’ve crushed all…


i fell in love with you, for a while you were all i have written the way you made my heart flutter the way you made my heart ache i wrote you over and over again in one way or another it’s been a while since i said i loved you it’s been a while…

hurtful words

you say these words like it’s essential to your being like how breathing is you let go of such remarks like raindrops falling from the sky thinking it’s just painless uttering hurtful words without thinking, with no barrier ignorant of people’s brokenness now put yourself in my shoes feel all my heartaches, cry my tears…

Two souls

A world full of people Relationships flourished, Destroyed and maybe sometimes ignored Two souls tip toeing around mountains trees and fire catching the glimpse of the other, but never capturing eyes of one another But After all the the time that’s passed They are two souls meant to find each other. i.j.m


I once told you I’ll never regret falling in love with you. The idea of you being in my life sends butterflies in my tummy. And I realized in my head, I created the most perfect of you. But you broke my heart in pieces, small shattered pieces. And it turns out falling for you…