Why I started blogging 

I was a frustrated blogger, tbh. I used tumblr from grade6-2nd year highschool.  I found out about WordPress 5 years ago when I was a sophomore, I set up an account, well because of the mere fact that I wanted to blog! So yah, I did put up a few things, mostly petty and childish thoughts that I had in mind and well “jeje” photos. It makes me laugh to think about that awkward time in my life. Oh well, I grew up. I’m not “jeje” anymore.

(The word “jeje” came from the Philippines and it’s just a made up word by the youngin’s that kinda means  weird childish I DON’T even know, and you don’t have to know, it’s not worth it haha.)

Anyway, back to our topic. I found WordPress very confusing back then, I just posted random things and my page wasn’t very attractive. ( I can’t open it anymore) So now I made a new wordpress account and I am proud to say that I’m finally understanding the technical stuff of the website! I still find it confusing at times but I think now that I’m older I actually have the patience to learn the process of setting up a blog of my own.

I share my thoughts to my friends and family but tbh, I don’t think I’m ever completely honest with everything I say, or a better phrase for that is that I never say everything I need or want to say. I find myself sugar coating parts of it. I used to have a journal and I remember enjoying writing my thoughts in it, but I wanted to try out blogging. Here you are reading my thoughts. I think it’s easier to let out your feelings in writing, it doesn’t have to be creative, letting your feeling out through writing in general is very therapeutic. 

I never really liked poems before, I thought they were boring. Now I learned that it really depends on what poem you are reading. Poems are very interesting specially when you can relate to it, much just like songs. What made me started liking poems is first of all Lang Leav, she’s a great author! And another reason was Aldub’s poem for each other. It gave me the feels to be honest. It inspired me to write about what I have been feeling. I tried writing poems before but none of them really worked and I got tired and frustrated so I just gave up. This time around was different. 

I fell for a guy, and I didn’t know what to do with those feelings. It was very confusing. My mind knew that it will never work but my heart says differently. And I’m not even sure if he likes me or not. He’s hard to read, that’s for sure. And since I didn’t know how to deal with my emotions, I started writing poems. I don’t think I like him anymore, because I fell for another guy who didn’t really like me back at all either, so I wrote about him blah blah! Anyway poetry/song writing definitely became an outlet for me until present.

This blog consist of : poetry, my random thoughts about random things, “travel” photos and maybe some music stuff because I love music. 

So I guess to put it all together, blogging for me is a way to express myself and to know myself little by little. An outlet for my feelings I find hard to talk about(why I write poems haha), I am glad that I get to share this with people that may be able to relate to it.

Another reason why I started blogging is because I want to share my travel experiences! (I haven’t really been anywhere but I plan to travel a lot in the future. Haha!)

I think that’s all for now!


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