Imperfect Child


I’m not a perfect child

Your dreams I can’t achieve

I am child with flaws

that I do admit


Have you ever tried

To see what makes me smile?

Have you ever cared

About things that make me cry?


I try to understand

But sometimes it’s too much

What goes on your mind

I don’t believe in such


You try to take away

What matters to my heart

You don’t give me a say

Now it makes us fall apart


I’ve done quite a few

And thought you would be proud

As I try to talk to you

You start to bring me down


I still try to live up to you

But nothing ever seems enough

I chose a path I want to live

And that’s not up to you.


A question always lingers

somewhere in my mind,

were you ever proud of me,

will you ever be?


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