Long Weekend in the Badlands

Horseshoe Canyon

This place is huge! You can go up and down these badlands as much as you want, some of them are not as sturdy as others so it’s safe to always watch your step, check what you are stepping on. Drumheller is the Dinosaur capital, and this is where they find some fossils from millions and millions of years ago. I enjoy hiking this kind of place, it feels nice when you are on top of it! The structure of these badlands are really cool when you look at them up close, the natural ridges are amazing and so cool for photos!_MG_3574_MG_3632_MG_3630

(That’s me!)


(That’s my Dad!)

These are a few landscape shots that I took at the Horseshoe Canyon!


Here are a few shots of my sister. What a model right? Haha. I think it’s the sunglasses.



Here are a few photos of my Dad being his silly and cool self. Haha!



Here are a few of my cool shots! Credits to my sister Ivy!



And I made a few photos black and white just cause. haha.



After Horseshoe Canyon we went to the Royal Tyrell Museum.

Actually we ate lunch first. HAHA. McDonalds!



Royal Tyrell Museum

In the museum you’ll see a lot of fossils and artifacts from years and years ago. But here’s the front of it first haha!



And now the inside!



The inside of the museum is not very lighting friendly. Unless you are amazing at changing your settings from time to time, it’ll be very tough to take pictures with a DSLR. I just edited the lighting when I transferred them into my laptop.


I’m not gonna go into details but here are a few other things we saw.




Outside the museum there is another view of the badlands that my family and I checked out.



Look at this one shot I took of the land, isn’t it cool? I took a lot of landscape and not enough macro shots which I regret later on. I only realized it when we were about to go home. Oh well, I’m glad I took this shot tho! 🙂


Here is my sis trying to be cool. Lol, yah she can kick like that. I can kick high but not like this.


Here are a couple black and white shots!



I am more of an outdoor person so I really enjoyed climbing up and down the badlands. The museum is cool and all, I loved seeing fossils and all the other artifacts but I felt claustrophobic because of the amount of people inside.


So yah, this is what I did this long weekend. This was our only summer get away(more like fall getaway) haha. I had loads of fun, looking forward to go to banff or jasper next year tho (right parents? hihi!)


I hope you guys enjoyed reading this entry and inspired to visit these places if you haven’t. Until the next one! Ciaaaao!


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