Fort Edmonton Footbridge & Wolf Willow Ravine

Wander around the City 1.0

It was a nice and sunny day! Perfect to get out there and explore around the city! Perfect green grass and trees on our way to the foot bridge! 🙂13120942_10154339067767018_1872003379_o


It was noon when we got to our destination so my friends and I decided to eat our lunch before exploring the place!13141083_10154339344752018_346772627_n13147891_10154339344677018_686235955_o13120627_10154339049277018_745241840_o

Haha yes, I’m such a noob with this “selfie stick”, but it’s so helpful for taking group photos! hahah!



Such a great view! 13128677_10154339048302018_2039013282_o13113073_10154339344552018_413192667_o

It’s over all such a nice place for anything, you can go here for family time, if you wanna do some workout (running, biking, even just walking) it’s also a very relaxing place for it. For me, I find that I’m more motivated to workout or run when I see the outdoor especially on a day like this!



How cool am I? jk.


I was always at the back because I was trying to take pictures of them and the view haha.


(Martinete Gomez)


I was pretty scared that I was going to fall. haha.


Oh earth ❤


Me being rather silly, but I’m actually terrified of falling.


A lot of people climb the wolf willow stairs for a workout, it’s an amazing and very tiring workout I would say haha, it’s a huge set of stairs.  I don’t think I took a pic of the whole thing, I’ll look and just add it somewhere here.

13105829_10154338992052018_1611787823_oAnd we done! hahaha, we went all the way back because we couldn’t figure out another way out, or maybe there really isn’t, you just gotta go back the way you came.

It was such a nice adventure, wandering and taking adventures doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars to pay for plane tickets and hotels or hopping from country to country. Let’s be practical, I’m only in my 20’s, even though I want to travel the world, I can’t afford it, I don’t have a job that pays enough money for me to go everywhere around the world and I also still go to school. That doesn’t mean I won’t travel the world, I’ll make sure that once I can afford to see the rest of the world, I will. I will live my life to the fullest.

So I thought to myself, why not wander around my own city for a while, see the beauty of it. Little did we all know that Edmonton has it’s hidden gems. It’s so rewarding and relaxing finding beautiful places like this.

I encourage you to explore your city, your country. It’s a beautiful world out there.



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