Travel back to the homeland!

I know this isn’t new place for me, but let’s consider this as traveling. You know, back to home 🙂

Ah! After 4 years we finally had the chance to come back home. It was a good good experience indeed. Let’s start with the 3 F’s (Family, Friends, and Food).


Upon arrival, on our first whole day in the Philippines, we celebrated my Grandma’s 75th birthday. It was big day for everyone especially for Inay, she got to celebrate it with lots of family and lots of friends. My cousins from the US came home as well so it was also kind of a big reunion for the fam.( We weren’t complete so it wasn’t quite the biggest reunion.) Also because the odds were not in our favour, the weather was pretty crappy. A few of our family visitors were not able to come due to heavy traffic and heavy rain. We all wore red because it was our Grandma’s favourite colour! We still had a lot of visitors so all in all it was a fantastic day.

On Dec. 20, we went to the cemetery to visit my grandpa(father’s side). My other grandpa(mother’s side) died last year, so I also visited him. I loved both of my grandfathers. Visiting the cemetery was not a sad scenario for us, we were very happy to be visiting our grandpa as a big family and I’m sure Papa was very happy to see us too. Right Papa? ❤

12390883_10154002938667018_7113855416705683255_n923371_10154002938732018_9124920824139075783_nAfter going to the cemetery, a few of us went to a volley ball game @ De Lasalle Lipa (not sure if I spelt that correctly.) Fun times! We mostly took selfies and watched over my niece Kyra, haha.

12631299_10154080755412018_463941437841578184_nHere is my lovely cousin, we are @ Mac Cosmetics in MOA, she wanted to get Taupe so bad but it was sold out in the Philippines haha, too bad! But she got one that she liked, I think it was Spirit and I’m pretty sure it had a satin finish. She’s one of my “best friend” in the family probably because I was born 3 days after she was born haha. Never a dull moment with this gal, I just wish Mhai was with us though, sigh.


(Mic, Janica, Me, Mae, Ivy)

On Dec. 25th, we went to see “My Bebe Love” (SOLID ALDUB FANS, well maybe just me.) This isn’t our usual Christmas day ritual, we usually go to Sta. Cruz, Laguna to see our family(Maganito’s side). I really regret not going! But we still had fun! After watching the movie, we ate pizza @ Domino’s I believe? haha. It was also an early birthday celebration for Mic.

A few pictures with my family on christmas eve! I was a bit more dressed up because I went to church before these were taken!


12552836_10154086265372018_7937091548521419432_n12459753_10154025326267018_1727376616_nI think this was the 30th of December, I can’t remember, haha! Although we did not get the chance to see my lola’s and tita’s and cousin’s from Dad’s side, 4 of my lovely lola’s + dearest tita Ji agreed to meet with us in Nuvali. I’m not gonna lie, some moments were a little emotional. Ugh, I missed them!


Here are the rest of the pictures from our Nuvali trip! I loved the place, I would definitely go back! Honestly wishing that it was closer to where I live, the view’s great!

This was also in Nuvali, they’re actually the first ones who took us there. They’re our second cousins but we’re basically brothers and sisters, we have a very deep connection with this family because we all grew up together. We ate a lot of food!(which I’m gonna talk about later on this entry) haha, Thanks Tita Lyn for the treat and for bringing us to Nuvali, it was a fun experience.

1936467_10154031459012018_2507488123177646665_n(Kevin, Me, Mama, Tita Ai, Laisa)

A photo right after New Year’s Eve Mass!

My aunt always puts on a celebration on New Years Day, a nice reunion for my mother’s side! On the top right corner is a picture of me and my cousin Carla, she’s a sister from another mother, haha. we grew up together and she’s been a huge part of my life, don’t know what I’d do without her. 🙂


Attractive am I right? This was taken during our despedida party that my mother’s side threw for us. Love this bunch!

Twinning for days haha! Left photo was taken when we went for a Starbucks run almost close to midnight on New Years Day! And the right was taken during New Years Eve, my lil’ cousin and I decided to wear matching shirts, well she was a little jealous because my sis and 2 of our cousins were all wearing the same thing on New Years, so she asked me to get matching shirts for us too!


(Reunion with high school classmates!)

Yes, I got to see them(most of them) after 4 years! Well, they are my closest friends in our class. I don’t think much have changed, so of us looked older(especially the boys*men*). I wish I stayed longer in the Philippines so I had more time to hangout with these peeps! Till next time, loves! On the top right, we were singing karaoke, one of the things I missed the most about the Philippines, karaoke is just a usual hangout!

(Lunch with Elementary Friends)

Yes, surprisingly I got a few of us together! Some of them I have not seen in 7 years and I saw them when I came home. Very worth it! I hope we get to do it again!

(Catechists Reunion! We missed a few other people but it was a joy to see them again, and be kinda complete, love you always!)

(Mj and Ate Issay + Lia, Kiesha, and Jordan)

Mj and Ate Issay are my non-biological sisters. They have done so much for me and leaving them always makes me a little emotional. Even though years have passed they treat me the same, same love and care. Yah, they can’t let go of the baby me. haha! Love them to the moon and back!

10608855_10154006593867018_2041435883_nAte Lucille brought me to this cool place in Lipa called “Dreamland”, such a nice and stress free place! Good food too!11227898_10154033954842018_4302394972810695893_nOne of the most unexpected happenings back home. I made a new friendship with Anne, we were friends back in high school but now that we are older, and more mature we understand each other better. Glad to see you Anne!

1474522_10154021914602018_1320513436357589197_n945282_10154021915087018_1492678602314814262_nI thought we were not gonna see each other because I was only staying in the Phils for 2 weeks and she doesn’t really live in Lipa anymore. To my surprise she went to the Alumni Homecoming of BCAS and we got to see each other! She’s one of my bestest friends who has been there for me through it all! So blessed to have you! 1928881_10154010050492018_1382964094957199661_n

(My Sistah! V. happy that I got to spend time with Nica!)

10628029_10154005384272018_2624677646245054804_nLong lost friend! When I went to central with my cousin and best friend, I stumbled upon a friend I haven’t seen in 6 years! Good to see you, TJ! (I’m sorry for my wasted look.)10367171_10154033955862018_7484604030175292339_n1511352_10154033955937018_1093858352914416338_n(Fajardo Sibs – Thea, she’s in Colorado. *sigh*)

Went to their place on Fiesta!


Glad to see you Ate A!


Met Neane, my best friend’s best friend.

My best friend and I got our hair dyed! Sadly, we were not really happy about the results. Maybe we were for 2 hours. haha.

Went to the Candlelight Cafe to have dinner with my best friend’s family, never really got to hang out with them back then. I’m glad I got to spend dinner with Ate Bea and Tita Pinky! (Matching pa kami ni Ma!) I loved  the pesto pasta and Frida Kahlo drink.

A Day with the best friend(her name is Mariella btw, I haven’t really mentioned yet did I?) We spent the entire day in Manila. We went shopping and we ate food! It was a very tiring day but it was very fun indeed!


A little reunion with my favourite Maramos! Romejohn and Ate Hazel. We had struggles looking for a coffee shop to go to. The first two we went to were literally over flowing so we ended up going to Cafe De Lipa. 

My favourite part about this day was probably when Mj, Rj and I left SM Lipa to meet with up with Ate Hazel, Rj was being a clown by asking for passengers to come in the vehicle(I don’t remember what the vehicle is called), and he was imitating the “call boys”(I’m not sure if that was the term.), But I enjoyed it haha.


8259_10154021921142018_7007724198092964735_nVietnamese Food at SM Aura734939_10154006946952018_3686619188648734063_nIsaw!!! I missed the street food in the Philippines! It looks a little gross but it is good. Too much is bad though, haha.934113_10154010033142018_2071667194203863267_ntaho, classic pinoy breakfast! I wish I had more than one..943828_1209494249065130_3087612881055325611_nWhat my Tita had prepared for New Years Day1382128_10154021921517018_2021137527338791040_nAs many of you may know I love froyo but it is not available in Lipa, so when we went to SM Aura, I had to get some and look at all those fruit! Yum.1919534_10154023870937018_3184155875487797661_nI got to try some detox drink from detoxify bar. I wish we have this in Canada.10330400_10154023872102018_7376687858462874026_nFood we ordered from Slappy cakes in Nuvali.10352599_10154021914922018_2684277834958482014_nThis is the Frida Kahlo drink I mentioned earlier in this blog. It’s lemon and mint leaves! I am obsessed with it.10556296_10154005384257018_6603618661702035561_nFood from Pizza Hut my best friend and I ate on one of our day out.12347995_10154000950487018_6086304789731797435_nLomi! another classic breakfast or merienda for pines!12376591_10154006594732018_2980710392234478527_nFood from “Dreamland”, I loved the potato wedges and especially the Calamnsi slushie!12376717_10154006594752018_4680273414877767961_n

Went out for drinks with Yel and Janica, I did not get drunk. haha.

New Places

Ayala Triangle Gardens

This was such a beautiful place! Especially during the night in the Christmas season, they play Christmas carols and the lights danced along with the music, it was magical, can’t help but smile overtime they put on the show!


A very hip and chill food place in Lipa!


Such a nice place for family time and good for dates too! I enjoyed looking at the Koi fish. Although a group of them looks a little terrifying it is still so beautiful. I wish I could paint them one day!

Taipei Airport

I just wanted to include this cause I thought Taipei airport was pretty cool! Not a big fan of hello kitty but it won’t hurt to take a mirror selfie! haha.

That about sums up my whole trip to the homeland!


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