Just to get this blog started and running, I’ll share some of my favourite photos I took ever since I learned taking photos!

Let’s take a moment and appreciate black and white photos! I think black and white photos give deeper meanings coloured photos can’t give. I feel like they convey emotions in a much more meaningful way, if that makes sense.

_MG_02921. Urban Outfitters, I took this when I was strolling around the mall by myself looking for good subjects for my photos. This part of the store is their vinyl section. I’ve always wanted a turn table and a million records. One day I’ll get one! What I like about this shot is the “old photo” feel of it. The vinyls and b&w go together, am I right? haha!
_MG_02002. Starbucks Cup, I took this picture last year when I was in design school. My classes were very early in the morning so I would always get myself a cup of “half english toffee, half black” to wake myself up. And why not take a picture of it right? _MG_03953. Building, I decided to go downtown one day and attempted to take nice photos of buildings. I wasn’t quite successful as I wanted to be but this one might be my favourite out of all the photos I took!
_MG_03074. T & T, T & T is and asian supermarket. Hello, I’m an asian kid in Canada! My family usually do our grocery shopping in asian stores. When I was at the mall I decided to take a peek and took pictures of some bread stuff. You probably couldn’t tell eh? haha! What I love about this photo is the “bokeh” effect. (if you love photography, you’d know what it means!)
_MG_04725. Brooklynn, one of my favourite favourite shots! This photo was taken when we were having coffee at tims. I think we were waiting to go to church that time and we got lots of time so we decided to have coffee. I love this photo because of her smile. so beautiful!_MG_03036. Hangers, I remember just liking the way this looked. haha nothing much to say about it!_MG_03717. Coffee Date, I went on a coffee date @ Starbucks with 3 of my young life girls.I loved taking photos of them, just look at those wonderful smiles! We talked about Pretty little liars, and Rockridge and all the fun things! We had so much fun that day!


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